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[K12OSN] PulseAudio Client with ESD Server

Hi List :-)

i hope this not old news to you all but i just figured out how to
 play sound with ALSA's PulseAudio Client/plugin and redirect it to
ESD server on any
Student's machine :-)

i have fedora 8 installed (i have upgraded from k12ltsp fc6 with yum)
with PulseAudio 0.9.10.
(btw, it took some time for me to fix it to work and now that it works great)
i was looking for a way to have it send audio to the esd servers on
the student's computers.
without the need to install PA servers on the student's machines and
to have to compile new
client environment with the ltsp-client-kit.

i can control to volume with PA gui (which i could not with esd
client) and i can use more applications
that send audio to ALSA - which now send it over the net to esd servers.

if you have PA setup already, i guess you have to issue :
"pactl load-module module-esound-sink sink_name=student server=ws252:16001"

and the set default sink to "student" from padevchooser UI

and now... any thing that plays is redirected to the ws252 machine :-)

if any of you needs more PA config files i'll post them here.

i hope it helps !
nadav :-)

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