[K12OSN] Re: Text-only sessions in K12

David Fourie (TSC) k12 at bizmail.co.za
Tue Jun 10 19:40:38 UTC 2008

Hmmm - also a good option, but I cannot find a .xsession file!

> This is more difficult than you would think.
> You're running a graphical display manager that expects you're going to
> log into an X session.
> The SCREEN stuff is for local programs running on the client, so that
> won't work as you've found out (except ... see below).
> You could set up a telnet client on one of the SCREENs that would
> give what you want.  One of those should be commented out in the lts.conf
> file.  You should be able to set it up to telnet to your desired
> server and present a login prompt.
> Ssh would be more difficult since you've have to get the user keys into
> the ltsp tree so it would be visible to the client.
> You might be able to get a local xterm running to log into the server.
> Run in full screen mode, that would give you pretty much what you want.
> You can use the -geometry argument to set the size.  You'd set up a
> script to run by one of the SCREEN commands for this.
> Setting the users .xsession file to
>>    # $HOME/.xsession startup script
>>    xterm &
>>    ratpoison
> as Kevin Squire suggested would work. The ratpoison window manager is
> not part of the 4.2 ltsp distribution, but you could use icewm
> In that case, you could change that to
>     # $HOME/.xsession startup script
>     icewm &
>     xterm -geometry ...
> Change the ... to get a full screen xterm.
> If they ended xterm it would log out, or the logout on icewm would do it
> as well.
> Another way is to muck about with the PostLogin scripts run by gdm.
> That's probably way too much trouble for what you want.
> There's probably other ways, but that's all I can think of at the moment.
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