[K12OSN] proxy or ntlm authentication for client in k12ltsp

Peter Scheie peter at scheie.homedns.org
Thu Jun 12 12:52:27 UTC 2008

I think the usual solution is to run a separate proxy box between the ltsp 
server and the internet.  The box runs squid which I believe has modules that 
can be used for authentication & authorization, etc.  This question has come up 
on the list before; search the archives by googling for, say, 'web proxy 


yogesh agrawal wrote:
>  hi everyone,
> I will try to explain my  problem, in case of LTSP, if the server has 
> access to internet all the clients also have access to internet. But my 
> problem is i have to give access to only authorized person on the client 
> to access net. so need some authentication system. At present we use non 
> ltsp system which uses ntlm and proxy authentication.
> i cant use mac authentication, coz deployment site  has cyber cafe kind 
> of environment, i which user keep on changing but the machines r fixed.
> I am really stuck coz of this problem, it would be really nice of u if u 
> let me know how to overcome this problem or direct me to other sites tht 
> can help.
> best regards
> yogesh
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