[K12OSN] Boot from CD

mumbler9 ssh at tranquility.net
Fri Jun 13 02:39:01 UTC 2008

All the mentioned ways work well, I have used several of them at one 
time or another. Also on the etherboot site there are several ways to 
use gPXE. Perhaps reflashing the BIOS of your motherboard may be a 
little extreme, but there are good instructions to use it from floppy, 
CD or USB key.

gPXE is nice because the server will already detect and use it with no 
additional configuration, and also because it will work with hundreds of 
network cards.


Also, you can boot to a Knoppix disk in text mode (at the initial prompt 
type       knoppix 2  ) and connect to the LTSP server with:

X -query server

You need to have your network connected, of course. Some Knoppix 
variants do this automatically, the rest you can 'sudo su' to get to 
root and then run     netcardconfig.  Choose DHCP, it should pick up an 
IP from the LTSP server.

Scott S.

> 2008/6/12 Fajar Adianto <adiantof at gmail.com <mailto:adiantof at gmail.com>>:
>     Guys, how can I make my clients boot from CD or HDD? Is there any
>     configuration I should make on server? Where can I get bootable .iso
>     file ready to burn to CD?
>     Thanks.

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