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Re: [K12OSN] usb wireless nics

If you mean for the server, you want wired; and if you mean for the client, you still want wired. In the server, for the NIC supporting the clients you want a gigabit card, with each client having a 100Mb NIC. You might, *MIGHT* get away with a wireless NIC in the server for eth1, the NIC that connects the server to the internet/school's network, but it depends on what the server is being used for. If it's for a lot of internet stuff, I think the users will be quickly frustrated by the performance. OTOH, if the primary apps are word processing and things that are local to the server, and there's only a modest amount of upstream traffic, a wireless link might work. But I wouldn't bet heavily on it. Instead, I'd suggest focusing on figuring out how to get a wired connection to the server.


Jeremy Schubert wrote:
I am downloading the 5-EL version for install. Will it support 2 usb wireless nics? Or do I need to be wired?


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That page is now obsolete.  Better to just go to


and the download links that Les showed you will appear right on the home page.


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Jeremy Schubert wrote:

Thanks for the advice about the ELS version.  I went to

http://www.k12ltsp.org/download.html to get the Fedora version.  I assumed

that was the latest ver as it is the K12LTSP site.  Please direct me to an

alternate download.  Thanks.

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Jeremy Schubert wrote:

    Ok, let me try again.  I have the server up.  Now, I want to connect


    computer to it to act as the thin client.  Is what I installed (the


    ver 6) (on the server) preconfigured to do this?  Do I just need to

    configure the client computer to boot to PXE?  Or will I have to do some

    Google research to learn how to configure the server to accept client


If you are just installing this, you should be using the EL5 version based on Centos with update support for several more years. Ver 6 is based on fedora FC6 which has a much faster life cycle and is already past update support. But to answer the question, if you set up 2 nics during the install, all you should have to do is have the client set for
  PXE boot and plugged into the server's eth0.


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