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Re: [K12OSN] PDF file creation

We do install OpenOffice on all our machines, both Linux & Doze, I'm just looking for something that can be used from say M$ Publisher to create a pdf file.

I have in the past installed a simple pdf printer but I've found that very helpfully local printer take the default over network printers on Doze, so when a user just hits print the document is sent to the pdf creator not the default printer. Yes I know that people shouldn't do that but they do and the teachers don't teach them otherwise (I feel a rant about bad teaching coming on *grin*)

I suppose if I created a networked pdf printer I could add it automagically at login via a login script so I might have done the annoying thing and answered my own question :-)


Doug Simpson wrote:
If the docs are in anything that OpenOffice will open (which is just about everything) OO has a feature that lets you save to PDF, and it is available for the low-low price of. . . absolutely FREE!

And if you act now, you won't be bothered with licensing issues or other problems as associated with the folks at Redmond.


Doug Simpson
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"David Whitmer" <thewhitmers gmail com> 6/16/2008 9:25 AM >>>

Check out PrimoOnline at http://online.primopdf.com/ .  They claim to
support about 300 file types for converting to PDF.  You upload the file,
and they email the PDF to you.

I have not tried them, nor have I read their terms of service.


On Mon, Jun 16, 2008 at 10:15 AM, Brian Chivers <
brian portsmouth-college ac uk> wrote:

I'm looking for a nice simple way for users to create pdf's from any type
of file via nice simple web interface.

What I'd ideally like them to be able to do is upload the file and then
either to be sent the resulting pdf to an email address or emailed a link
where to download it from.

I did look at pdfcreator which looks OK but I'd have to install the virtual
print driver on every machine which is doable but a web front end would make
it so much easier :-)

Any idea's / pointers ??


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