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Brian Chivers brian at portsmouth-college.ac.uk
Mon Jun 16 14:39:44 UTC 2008

We do install OpenOffice on all our machines, both Linux & Doze, I'm just looking for something that 
  can be used from say M$ Publisher to create a pdf file.

I have in the past installed a simple pdf printer but I've found that very helpfully local printer 
take the default over network printers on Doze, so when a user just hits print the document is sent 
to the pdf creator not the default printer. Yes I know that people shouldn't do that but they do and 
the teachers don't teach them otherwise (I feel a rant about bad teaching coming on *grin*)

I suppose if I created a networked pdf printer I could add it automagically at login via a login 
script so I might have done the annoying thing and answered my own question :-)


Doug Simpson wrote:
> If the docs are in anything that OpenOffice will open (which is just about everything) OO has a feature that lets you save to PDF, and it is available for the low-low price of. . . absolutely FREE!
> And if you act now, you won't be bothered with licensing issues or other problems as associated with the folks at Redmond.
> DS
> Doug Simpson
> Technology Specialist
> De Queen Public Schools
> De Queen, AR
> simpsond at leopards.k12.ar.us
> "A Dollar Saved is a Dollar Earned"
>>>> "David Whitmer" <thewhitmers at gmail.com> 6/16/2008 9:25 AM >>>
> Brian,
> Check out PrimoOnline at http://online.primopdf.com/ .  They claim to
> support about 300 file types for converting to PDF.  You upload the file,
> and they email the PDF to you.
> I have not tried them, nor have I read their terms of service.
> David
> On Mon, Jun 16, 2008 at 10:15 AM, Brian Chivers <
> brian at portsmouth-college.ac.uk> wrote:
>> I'm looking for a nice simple way for users to create pdf's from any type
>> of file via nice simple web interface.
>> What I'd ideally like them to be able to do is upload the file and then
>> either to be sent the resulting pdf to an email address or emailed a link
>> where to download it from.
>> I did look at pdfcreator which looks OK but I'd have to install the virtual
>> print driver on every machine which is doable but a web front end would make
>> it so much easier :-)
>> Any idea's / pointers ??
>> Thanks
>> Brian
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