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[K12OSN] Networking configuration

I used to have three clients connected to by dlink device that acts as a switch, dhcp server and proxy server (shares the internet, but I guess not exactly a proxy server, anyway...)  Client computers gateway is set to the ip of the dlink device.   The dlink device is connected to the cable modem.


Now I have introduced my CentOS ltsp server.  Currently I have eth0 and eth1 plugged into the dlink device.


So, do I have to plug eth0 into my cable modem and eth1 into my switch?  And then the gateway for my client computers would be the ltsp server instead of the dlink device? 

Also, during the ltsp install, the eth0 was designated x.x.x.254 and eth1 dhcp.  Currently I connect to the server using putty (ssh).  Is there a cmd line I can use to change the eth1 to static and modify both cards address?




Jeremy Schubert

The two basic principles of Windows system administration:
For minor problems, reboot

For major problems, reinstall


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