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Re: [K12OSN] Networking configuration

Jeremy Schubert wrote:
Thanks John.  Yes, you're obviously correct, I should use LTSP for dhcp and
dlink only for LAN.  I will do it this way because I want to use either
Squid Guard Dans Guardian.

You can usually change the network configuration with a GUI too. I use
I need to get VNC working first.  I followed the instructions at
m=binary and got to using netstat to see if VNC is running correctly.  The
result I get now is shown below.  Might this have something to do with not
having my network setup correctly yet?

It looks like you are using the "vnc-ltsp-config" package. It also appears that you have enabled all the stanzas in /etc/xinitd.d/vncts and re-started xinetd. Make sure you have both Xvnc and vncts "allowed" from your clients in /etc/hosts.allow. You may also need to allow connections in you login manager (GDM or KDM). Check you log files to find the error.

Personally I would use freenx instead of VNC. More secure, more responsive and more versatile.

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