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Re: [K12OSN] Boot from CD

The other way to do it (and the way I've been doing it) is to boot a Live CD distro (Knoppix, Damn Small Linux, etc.), and just "cat" the EtherBoot image file to the hard disk device.  This will, like eb_to_hd, wipe the HD's MBR and partition table info...but it works.

I do it as follows:

1.)  Copy the EtherBoot file to some floppy, the normal way (e. g. cp <MyFileName> /mnt/fd0).
2.)  Boot your Live CD distro on the thin-client-to-be.
3.)  Pop that floppy into the thin client and mount it.
4.)  "cat /mnt/fd0/<MyFileName> /dev/hda"

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Barry R Cisna wrote:
Hi Fajar,

If the thin clients you are wanting to use have a small HD in them you
can use ' eb_to_hd ' . Search for this. It is a three step process.
Takes about 10 mins or less to do each client. You will need a floppy
drive available to ( at least) temporarily hang on each client as this
is what the eb_to_hd file copy from. This works for a pretty clean setup
as you don't have to worry about kids popping out the cd and throwing it
in the trash:) If it will only be adults using these machines the
aforementioned setup would prolly be simpler for You.
Note : This will of course wipe the HD clean!

Take Care,

Barry isna

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