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[K12OSN] one year performance graphs and statistics for two server setups we use

we have 16 ltsp servers deployed in our district (Israel, Petach Tikwa).
for smaller computer lab with maximum 24 terminals we use Core2Duo+2GB RAM setup
and for 48/72 terminals (in a school) we use Quad+4GB RAM setup.

i picked up two schools and extracted some graphs (generated by Cacti)
from the last year,
showing both server's setups.
i also have sar statistics that are more fine if anyone cares to go through.
(it 10MB gz data each) and (i use ksar to view it. great tool btw)


what i always like to know about the servers is how much the cpu waits for IO
or the NICs for buffers to fill ? and if the proxy needs more memory
and does it get
the web content fast enough... ? is samba's file sharing is optimized ?

if any of you have any ideas how to monitor those bottle-necks please
enlighten me :-)
i love to get more quality stats next year.

i hope you all enjoy,
Nadav :-)

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