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RE: [K12OSN] network config

Thanks TP

  1.  Can only my thin client s use eth0 as a default gateway?  What if I have XP clients?
  2. I’ve worked with the iptable config file before.  But sorry, I don’t understand, what is iptables-fu?


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Jeremy Schubert wrote:

Is the following scenario correct?
I have eth1 going to the cable modem and eth0 to my switch.   Then I need to set the gateway of my workstations (not thin clients) to eth0 for them to have internet access.  But I can choose whether or not to set the proxy to eth0 (for web filtering) on each workstation.


Sounds like you're making your LTSP server also function as your Internet router for the entire site.  Nothing wrong with that,, and your setup is correct, but just make sure you've got the proper iptables-fu in place before you go live with it!  Last thing you want is for your LTSP server to get nailed by some cracker.

And yep, your thick clients would use eth0 as the default gateway.  IIRC, ip.forward and NAT are both turned on by default in K12LTSP.


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