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Jeremy Schubert wrote:
> Thanks TP
>    1.  Can only my thin client s use eth0 as a default gateway?  What if
>       I have XP clients?
>    2. I’ve worked with the iptable config file before.  But sorry, I
>       don’t understand, what is iptables-fu?

You can use eth0's IP as the default gateway for anything directly 
connected to it (XP's included).

By "iptables-fu", I think he meant to make sure your IPTables setup is 
sufficiently defensive to protect the server (as well as clients) from 
the dangers of the Internet.

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> Jeremy Schubert wrote:
> Is the following scenario correct?
> I have eth1 going to the cable modem and eth0 to my switch.   Then I 
> need to set the gateway of my workstations (not thin clients) to eth0 
> for them to have internet access.  But I can choose whether or not to 
> set the proxy to eth0 (for web filtering) on each workstation.
> Thanks,
> Jeremy
> Sounds like you're making your LTSP server also function as your 
> Internet router for the entire site.  Nothing wrong with that,, and your 
> setup is correct, but just make sure you've got the proper iptables-fu 
> in place before you go live with it!  Last thing you want is for your 
> LTSP server to get nailed by some cracker.
> And yep, your thick clients would use eth0 as the default gateway.  
> IIRC, ip.forward and NAT are both turned on by default in K12LTSP.
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