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[K12OSN] User authetication problem - Active Directory vs K12LTSP

Hi everyone,

I´m trying to make the user of K12LTSP to autheticate in a 2003 server (active directory). I´m doing it using a NIS server on the 2003 server after installing the Windows Services for Unix 3.5.

Everything works fine (using the command id <username> i receive the response from the windows server with the credentials of the user) but when i try to logon on the K12LTSP a receive a message saying that i don´t have a home directory created and ask if i want to use / as my home directory.

To create the home directory automatically i´d edit the files login and remote in the etc/pam.d directory, and add the folowing line

session required pam_mkhomedir.so skel=/etc/skel umask=0022 quiet

but the directorie isn´t created.

What could go wrong?

Thanks in advanced for any help.

Marco Neves

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