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[K12OSN] video presentation

Sorry, this is probably the wrong forum but I know there’s a lot of you out there who might be able to help.  And I’m not sure where to start.

We have an old W2K machine,  but hooked up to three televisions throughout our school.  Currently our secretary creates a power point presentation and runs a script I created to copy the presentation from her computer to the headless computer.  I’ve been on parental leave for six months and have come back to find the setup hasn’t worked since I left! 

My ultimate dream would be to install a 2nd video card in the secretary’s machine that would only pick up the presentation, say from a virtual pc on that computer.  But I’m assuming that’s not possible (at lease I haven’t found anything by Googling yet).


So, my questions are, can I turn the headless computer into a Centos box and display the power point on that?  Can Open Office display Power Point presentations?  Can I script Open Office from the command line?  Can I write a script on a Linux box that would grab the Power Point presentation from a shared directory on a Windows server and then run the show on the Linux box?

Thanks for any and all help...


Jeremy Schubert

The two basic principles of Windows system administration:
For minor problems, reboot

For major problems, reinstall


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