[K12OSN] Fl_Teachertool Distribute File Problem

Nick Fenger nick at trilliumcharterschool.org
Tue Mar 4 03:45:34 UTC 2008

 Hello K12OSNers,

I am getting the following errors when using the Distribute Function in
Teacher Tool (Fl_Teachertool version 0.41) on a K12LTSP 6.0 box w/
seperate PDC/LDAP box.
cp: cannot stat `/home/oceans/test.txt': Permission denied
cp: cannot stat `/home/alekst/test.txt': Permission denied

I get the error when non-root users to run teachertool and when I am running
it logged in under root. I'm not sure if this is important, but, the root on
the terminal server can only list the home directories but not access or
change the files. We have a separate PDC/LDAP server where the home
directories are kept. I am not entirely sure why I cannot read/write student
directories under root, this happened when I had the LDAP server rebuilt
last year (it used to work).

I am thinking that I need to somehow give users in the Teacher's Group
access to the directories of the students (or at least a directory on their
desktop)? Is this something I need to configure on the LDAP server (like
permissions or group membership) - OR - Do I need to configure every user to
accept the files (is there a script that does this?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated, i've got everything else in the tool
working (even did the recomple of vncreflector.) - I LOVE this program, it
has changed the way I teach!


Nick Fenger

Trillium Charter School
MS Advisor
Math & Technology Teacher
Technology Coordinator


Trillium Charter School is democratically-structured environment that
fosters students' natural curiosity, creativity, and self-awareness.
Students learn to take initiative and assume responsibility for their own
learning, which supports constructive interaction with the local, regional,
and global community.
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