[K12OSN] Fl_Teachertool Distribute File Problem

Robert Arkiletian robark at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 18:06:45 UTC 2008

On 3/4/08, Nick Fenger <nick at trilliumcharterschool.org> wrote:
> Robert,
>  Per your questions:
>  I do have visudo per the docs and all of the other teachertool features work
>  for non-roots.
>  As far as accessing homes is concerned, it is not only a teachertool
>  problem. When I log directly into the k12ltsp server (i.e. start a Gnome
>  session) and open File Browser I can see all of the mounted home directory
>  names but I cannot list or access the files. It is as if root on my local
>  box is not really acting as root?

If you can't access users home files as root then fl_teachertool won't
be able to access them either. I would suggest posting a new question
thread specifically addressing this problem as I believe it's a
separate issue.

>  Does the teachertool distribute feature need root access to homes even if
>  you are running is as a non-root user? (see below for clarification of my
>  problem).

fl_teachertool will not work unless it has root privileges. Wether you
run it directly as root or as a non-root user who has their privileges
effectively elevated to root using sudo it's the same situation.
fl_teachertool needs root privileges one way or another.

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