[K12OSN] OT: FOG - Free Computer Cloning Solution

R. Scott Belford scott at hosef.org
Wed Mar 5 03:29:26 UTC 2008

Les Mikesell wrote:
> Are you using a 'clonezilla-live' boot from CD or do you have a DRBL 
> server set up?   And has anyone compared DRBL's thicker-client boot to 
> k12ltsp in operation?  (Drbl is the PXE/etherboot server)

Yes.  It has been several months, but after a kind of disappointing 
migration to something other than the K12ltsp, primarily due to the 
flash load, we tested and liked booting a thick client from a DRBL 
server.  "Tested and liked" is hardly the thorough feedback needed, but 
the classroom had been through enough of a change already, so my load 
testing was limited.

I use it almost daily to boot to a thick client, after imaging its 
drive, and run gparted to resize the partition.  It boots fast, is 
easily customizable, easily maintainable, easily tweaked, and could be 
more to me if I knew more.  With the amazing and recently released 
clonezilla-live cd getting so much attention, I hope that the DRBL magic 

A *serious* gotcha for me early on was trying to use some Universal Boot 
Floppies.  That did not work.  I had to use a newer etherboot floppy 
made from an etherboot image on the DRBL server.  This is documented, 
but I am generally too smart for documentation until things are broken.



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