[K12OSN] Re: flash load

Sean Harbour sharbour at nwresd.k12.or.us
Wed Mar 5 17:41:35 UTC 2008

Scott, you mentioned you were having problems with poor performance with
flash on thin clients. Were you able to investigate running flash
locally on the thin clients instead of the server? I'd be very
interested in what you discovered. I would expect that some of thin
clients available would be resource starved to the point it would not
work very well, but I suspect quite a few would be just fine, and it
certainly scales well. Here's a link that mentions this specific issue.


Sean Harbour

"R. Scott Belford" <scott at hosef.org> wrote:

>Yes.  It has been several months, but after a kind of disappointing 
>migration to something other than the K12ltsp, primarily due to the 
>flash load
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