[K12OSN] How to change own user password

John Lucas mrjohnlucas at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 16:29:21 UTC 2008

ml at bortal.de wrote:
> Hello List,
> how can the users change their own password in a unix shell?
> foobar at PDC:~$ passwd
> Enter login(LDAP) password:
> New password:
> Re-enter new password:
> LDAP password information update failed: Unknown error
> passwd: Permission denied

If you are using SMBLDAP then using "smbpasswd" works to change both the 
  Unix and Samba passwords stored in LDAP, just make sure that it acts 
on the PDC. Assuming the PDC is named "pdchost":

	smbpasswd -r pdchost username

It will prompt for for old and new passwords. You can put it on a GUI 
menu with xterm:

	xterm -e "smbpasswd -r pdchost $USER"

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