[K12OSN] YouTube crashes Firefox

Barry Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Sat Mar 8 15:52:08 UTC 2008

Hello List,

FYI. I have Googled Firefox forums on this and no luck. Has anyone here
figured out a good workaround for thin clients that when trying to view
YouTube videos it crashes Firefox? I would guess on these clients 2 out
of 10 times Firefoxes crashes/closes when trying to view various YouTube
This is the Ebox2300/128mb onboard ram. We are tickled to death with
these other than this snafoo. I have the following lines in the lts.conf
file for these clients.:
X4_MODULE_03     =  glx
USE_NBD_SWAP     =   Y

I have tried with and without the USE_NBD_SWAP  = Y and this seems to
make no better,no worse.( this was a suggestion in a similar scenario at
a Firefox forum for crashes FF when viewing videos).This happens with
both the stock FF v1.5.0 and FF v2.0.0.2 .

K12LTSP v6


Barry Cisna

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