[K12OSN] All the clients became German???

Nick Fenger nick at trilliumcharterschool.org
Mon Mar 10 22:17:30 UTC 2008

This happened to us and I found out that a few of my students were changing
the language setting on the terminal login screen. When the next student
logged in they got the wrong language. After logging in, their default
language would change to the and cause them to use the wrong language every
time they logged in. This really caused problems when printing since the
language settings also define default paper sizes for OpenOffice.

I was able to allow only English by modifying /etc/gdm/locale.alias (Fedora

Remove all languages except this one:
English(USA)        en_US.UTF-8,en_US

2008/3/10 Todd O'Bryan <toddobryan at gmail.com>:

> Suddenly all of the keyboard layouts defaulted to German on all my
> clients, for no apparent reason.
> Anybody have any idea why this might happen and how I can fix it?
> This is Ubuntu 7.04 and 7.10 with the LTSP packages.
> Thanks,
> Todd
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