[K12OSN] Small, Current Linux build

Tom Simpson bullet at sc.rr.com
Thu Mar 13 23:56:49 UTC 2008

My personal favorite:


This is a very clever lightweight respin of Slackware and Linux-Live 
that is at the perfect balance point between a full heavyweight distro 
like Ubuntu and something super-stripped-down like DSL. It ships with 
both OOo and Firefox.  Everything about  it just  works, including its 
very slick HD install option. The wireless support is pretty good, too. 
I am setting up a lab at the nonprofit I am working with using PII and 
low-end Celeron-class boxes, and they love it. Give it a go. You wont be 
sorry. :-)


Joshua Hicks wrote:
> I have about 25 IBM Thinkpad 600E Pentium II's that are currently 
> running Windows 2000.  These have served as the primary computer for 
> teachers at my school and as a laptop cart for students.  They are 
> just unable to keep up with most applications coming out today.  I 
> would like to switch them all over to a small Linux distro that will 
> be able to perform web browsing and word processing with their limited 
> processor speed.  Support for wireless networking with WEP encryption 
> is also needed.  Does anyone have a suggestion about a good option?  I 
> have tried a couple of versions of DSL, but I need something with a 
> little more GUI capabilities.
> Thanks
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