[K12OSN] Small, Current Linux build

Dan likuidkewl at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 19:42:26 UTC 2008

>  Someone mentioned installing CentOS 3 on these boxes.  I think that's the
> best idea if you need thick clients, since CentOS 3 remains a supported
> platform.  But I also agree with Nils's suggestion about using them as thin
> clients if you can.
>  If they have 265MB RAM, then KNOPPIX works pretty good and I believe the
> newer KNOPPIX had support for wireless. ..
> It can also be hard drive installed (it runs ****MMMUUUCCCHHH*** better that
> way.
> Sometimes, though older versions of KNOPPIX works better on older computers
> because the newer they are, it seems the more resources they need.
> DS

Using Centos and Wireless is a bit of a chore even at 5.1, so I can't
even imagine what it is like at 3.  we had an older P2 that we were
playing with and I had installed the light version of PCLinux(minime)
and it seemed to work well.

Dan Maranville

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