[K12OSN] server losses video, network after x minutes

Travis Smith tsmith at geneseeschools.org
Tue Mar 18 13:49:08 UTC 2008

Hi Bary, I had kinda same problem a couple weeks ago with a old machine
that I have Windows 2003 installed for Destiny 8. The machine has been
working for years with no problems but come in one day and it appeared
to be on but no video. I replaced the power supply and checked ram but
still would power down after about 20 minutes. So figured it must be
overheating even in a cool room and put a small box fan in front of the
machine with side cover off and it never turned off again. So I replaced
the fans and heat sink and haven't had a problem since. Good luck!
Travis Smith
Information Systems Manager
www.geneseeschools.org ( http://www.geneseeschools.org/ )

>>> Barry Cisna <cisna-barry at wc235.k12.il.us> 03-17-08 4:33 PM >>>
Hello ALL,

This is probably a " beating a dead horse" type of thing,,,,but,,, our
schools file server has run like a champ for the last two years and
week I come in to find one morning it had shutdown. I've put in a new
power supply,tried two new CPU's( dual cpu mobo),changed ram. With the
new power supply it boots up fine,and works fine for about 45-60
then the peoples home folder will not show up and then I go to server
room to find it is still powered on,but no video at this point. I can
not vnc to it at this point either.I can not find a thing in the logs
that looks suspect. This is a golden oldie install of FC3 since this
only serves as a file server.
It is an old dual 866mhz 1 GB ram 5 scsi drives. When I run Smartdrive
via Webmin it does show that one of the five drives had 12 read
This has been there for a year. This old box has been very adequate
what we use it for,and have it working with Windows Vista,so would
to keep it operational if I can salvage it. When running various
commmands from terminal I never get any segfaults,by the way. Many
ago when I had troubles like this on old versions of K12LTSP,,I
always got segfaults,,somewere along the way.
Anyone ideas?


Barry Cisna

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