[K12OSN] [K12LTSP]Audio Recording for LTSP Lab

Devry Lin devrylin.thesageinblack at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 02:56:40 UTC 2008

Hi I am currently in High School student (so not really skilled at
administration), and had posted some questions here before. Now, thanks to
you all, the lab is able to do the most fundamental things (surfing the
Internet, word process).

After a series of conversation with the language department, they say that
they would like to have audio recording on the LTSP Lab to form a Language
Lab. Our school traditionally used Audacity for this task, but from what I
read on the Internet, Audacity doesn't work well with ESD (which is what is
currently used in K12LTSP 6.0).

So what software should I look for?
What configurations do I need in order to get the software in the previous
question working?

Thanks in advance
Devry Lin
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