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Ernie Hudson ernie_hudson at snowline.k12.ca.us
Thu Mar 27 19:54:27 UTC 2008

I was logged on to the server.

The system is,
Intel motherboard S5000vsa
8 gigs ram
The video chipset on the mother board is ATI ES1000 w/16mb ram
6 sata drives, 2 250 gig, 4 500 gig.
2 quad core zeon 2.0 processors.

Funny thing is I installed Edubuntu 6.10 and everything just worked. When I
try to install Edubunu 7.10 I keep getting the failed install build ltsp
chroot, this happens every time. When I install ltsp5el Ithe server boots to
a login prompt and when I try to run the cmd startx I receive the error
xserver failed.

Sorry for the late reply as I am on spring break this week and have only
come in a couple of days.


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Ernie Hudson wrote:
> I have tried, unsuccessfully, several attempts to install k12ltsp5el. 
> Everything works until I log on and attempt to start the graphical 
> interface, then I get xserver failed.

At the console or thin client?  What video hardware?

   Les Mikesell
    les at futuresource.com

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