[K12OSN] distributing stand alone program

Eric Brown ericbrow at gmail.com
Fri Mar 28 17:06:04 UTC 2008

Hello all,

I've got a problem that I feel I should know the answer to, but I've
not done this in an LTSP environment before.

I would like my Advanced Web Design students to build their databases
using GNU Ferret (formerly Gerwin, at
http://www.gnu.org/software/ferret/project/project.html).  After
trying out a few dozen different database building tools, I think this
may be one of the easier ones for them to use.  You download a zipped
package, which I've unzipped.  I've put the folder with the program
files in /usr/share/gerwin-0.6.  I created a soft link in
/usr/share/bin to the gerwin program file, but the user gets the error
"Could not find" something " in /src".  I believe it's trying to
access files in a subdirectory in the program folder, but isn't able
to find these files because of the link.  I also tried creating a
launcher to the executable, but nothing happened  (I believe due to
the same error).  I'm pretty confident it's not a permission problem
(my typical mode of failure) because a user can navigate to the
program folder, and run the program from there.  I'd like to keep this
as simple for the students, as I know databases and mysql is going to
be enough for them to wrap their mind around.

What am I missing here?  I'm sure its possible for a user to make a
link one time to the program that they can just click on.  It would be
nice if this were in the yum repository, but I also don't mind
learning how to get these links right.  If it matters, I'm running
K12LTSP on Fedora 8 (I think).


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