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Steven Santos steven at simplycircus.com
Mon May 19 21:51:56 UTC 2008

I just bought a Brother HL2170W B&W laser printer.  It has PDD drivers for
CUPS.  Check out:



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> Vince Callaway wrote:
> > I pretty much setup the OS for people that are switching.  With ubuntu
> > the nvidia driver performs very well and desktop effects work better.
> >
> I do the setup for switchers as well.  Desktop effects (I assume you
> mean Compiz Fusion-type stuff) work very well with Intel video, too.  I
> have one running Kubuntu Hardy, and I've got all the Compiz stuff turned
> on.  It's great.
> > The desktop effects give a wow factor that people like.  It really helps
> > to have that to get people, especially young people interested.  With
> > ubuntu it is only a matter of clicking a checkbox to enable the driver.
> >
> Once again...with *Ubuntu*...and *only* *Ubuntu*.  Not Fedora, not Red
> Hat, not CentOS, and definitely not K12LTSP.
> You're certainly right about the eye candy.  That's exactly why I always
> go Intel video now.  To get that "wow factor," you don't even have to do
> that extra Ubuntu click, regardless of distro.  It's automatic, i. e.
> during the installation.
> > It does not bother me that it is a proprietary driver.  Just the
> > opposite.
> It should.  On several levels.
> > It means the company has made an investment in supporting
> > Linux.  I feel I should encourage the use of their products.
> >
> Then please do encourage the use of Intel video.  They're giving true
> support, not what nVidia does.  And when the AMD/ATI cards work
> seamlessly in X.org (should be by the end of the year now that the
> programming docs are public), encourage the use of AMD/ATI, too.
> > Another company I encourage the use of is Brother printers.  They
> > provide full drivers for the printers and all-in-ones.
> >
> Full *Windows* drivers, maybe.  Brother is notorious for being
> anti-Linux, almost as bad as Broadcom.  HP's, on the other hand, work
> out of the box with *any* distro.  I set up an HP all-in-one for my Dad
> with CentOS 5, and things Just Worked.  No having to hunt around some
> vendor's Web site, either; it works "out of the box" with the distro.
> *That's* the kind of vendor that I support.  Right on, HP!
> > I've installed several of the low end MFC-240c's for use as dedicated
> > scanners.  Right now they are on sale at frys for something like $60.
> > You are not going to find a scanner with a document feeder that works as
> > well any cheaper.  The laser printers with built in network jack are
> > also a real bargain.  Great for a low budget classroom
> Decent HP all-in-ones are about the same price.  We don't have Fry's out
> my way (they're West Coast, right?), but it sounds kinda like our Micro
> Center out here.
> BTW, no, I'm not an Intel employee, though I sure wish I'd bought their
> stock in the 1980's.  :-)  I just know what works "out of the box" with
> Linux, and right now, they're it.  Hopefully we'll have other options as
> well in the coming months.
> --TP
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