[K12OSN] Centos bug + Marvell onboard NIC and mail spool

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Fri May 30 05:17:05 UTC 2008

On Thu, 2008-05-29 at 20:49 -0500, Barry R Cisna wrote:
> Scott,
> This does not really help you out one bit, but about one year ago I
> updated an fc3 K12ltsp server to fc5 k12ltsp, and one of the dual
> onboard intel nics (don't remember the number) showed up as a wonky
> number after the update and also did not work same as yours.

Point well taken! Nothing like the voice of experience. I was surprised
however, because Centos is supposed to be the stable one. I maintain two
machines on Debian Sidux (the unstable one), and I have gone through
probably 30 kernel updates in the last year. Every one has been
flawless, and since that's dabbling up in 2.6.25 land, I figured the
older/stable Centos kernel would be fine. Not so, apparently. I can
still use the older kernel, but think I'll use a PCI card. Reinstalling
isn't a good choice, because of needing to transport the machine to a
fast connection for the huge initial updates. Since it was reported as a
proper bug, I assume it will get fixed, and I can go back to the

Another problem has reared it's head. I use Evolution, and have
fetchmail get each user's mail every 15 minutes. Evolution is set on
receiving for Local Delivery, and I point it
to /var/spool/mail/username. This lets the users ssh in and check the
fresh mail with Pine (now changed to Alpine, apparently) and when they
check mail locally with Evolution, it moves it to the Evolution inbox. 

Fetchmail is working, and I can send email normally with Evolution, but
I cannot seem to configure Evolution to /var/spool/mail/username for
receiving mail. The spool file is there, but it's grayed out when doing
the config. I compared permissions to the functioning one in the older
4.4-ish server, and they are set for user as owner and mail as group. I
tried several combinations of rwx. I deleted the spool file and scp it
over from the functioning server, and they remain grayed out. I deleted
a user/group, recreated it locally and sent it's whole /home again via
scp, choosing to 'keep attributes'. 

Any suggestions on this? I searched for a long time on this one with no
real success. I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but it's a fresh install
on different hardware.

Scott S.
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