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Re: [K12OSN] The new Ubuntu 8.04 server

On Thu, May 1, 2008 at 4:06 PM, Alan Hodson <aahodson episd org> wrote:

>  After downloading the brand new Ubuntu 8.04 server and the Edubuntu 8.04 Addons isos, burning them, and installing them (edubuntu needs to be installed from Synaptic/CD source) and after running "sudo ltsp-build-client" the awesome looking ubuntu thin clients are available to Thin Client clusters (with the exception perhaps of the AMD Geode-based thin clients like the SYM1112 that just hangs...)

>  Is anybody using a patch or work-around for the SYM112? I had been told that the earlier Gutsy release of Ubuntu included a very broken amd driver, as well as a broken Xserver, that this new version was going to fix.

I have 60 ComputerLab Geode thin clients similar to these:


I installed 8.04 / LTSP 5 using the alternative install CD and ran
into the Geode video problem. Mine will present a series of green dots
across the screen when X starts and I am unable to switch to a shell.
I can ping the machines, so I know they're not completely frozen.

I really need a fix for this as well.

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