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[K12OSN] Consensus seems to be building Hardy Heron slow as molasses

Hi all,

I run a dev box where I try out the latest LTSP stuff before adding it
to our school districts LTSP environment.
I recently upgraded from Gutsy to Hardy and I have to say Hardy is
noticeably slower. Bad enough that I would never
dare foist it on the kids in a thin client environment. Google tells
me that other folks have similar
complaints in stand-alone environments. From folks I spoken with It
seems to be an under lying problem with X, possibly due to attempts to
compiz et al. I am willing to bet that I'll never use really flashy
windows effects with my thin clients so the speed trade off for those
of us
in a LTSP environment are simply a losing proposition.

I'll keep using LTSP because I love the approach but I hope Jim et.
al. continue to work on a stand alone version that doesn't require
us to be tied to any particular distribution.



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