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Re: [K12OSN] Best Web server distro....what is it?

Les Mikesell wrote:
David Trask wrote:
A power outage today finally killed one of my web servers....primarily the
hard drive.  Luckily it wasn't serving a whole lot, but it did house a lot
of files that I had uploaded via FTP for "safe-keeping".  As you may
guess, my backup wasn't any good either.  Nonetheless, I've put in a new
HD and want to press it back into service.  I was running SME server on it
and it was running great for about 4+ years.  I'm looking for any other
possibilities.  Simple, quick, dirty, and free (FOSS).  Simple Linux web
server....any suggestions?

If SME server did what you needed without modifications, grab a current copy from www.contribs.org.  It still works and is based on a still-supported centos.   But... you really should something running backuppc on a raid-mirrored filesystem to take care of that for you.

I have two SME sites running LTSP loaded onto the server as well 10 windows xp clients and 6 ltsp clients boot from SME

as per here  SME7.3 + Gnome 2.16 + LTSP 4.2  have added openoffice and a few other apps.

there is a "server-panel" to manage the boot images 

my server is a AMD 4600+ x2 with 4G ram  the thin clients load in blink of eye and are very rsponsive!

best off both worlds for ltsp + domain controller + lamp  etc

Paul S.

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