[K12OSN] New version of K12ltsp??

bear2bar bear2bar at netscape.net
Sun May 4 15:54:00 UTC 2008


I've been out of the loop for some time & this question may seem "dumb" 
but on the k12ltsp site it mentions that FC6 versions & up are 
discontinued and that new version of k12ltsp are available with Centos 
EL5. Does that mean that Centos EL5 incorporates all the k12ltsp 
Then the next questions are:
    -is it possible to upgrade from a FC1 installation to Centos without 
a wipe & re-install?
    -can existing IPcop setup be used as-is or will new config and port 
forwarding be needed?
    -will default client setup need to be rebuilt?

thank you for your help


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