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Re: [K12OSN] New version of K12ltsp??

Possible?  Maybe.  Recommended?  Hell, no!  You will spend possibly an order of magnitude more time trying to sort out RPM dependencies and maybe even just trying to get the system to boot.

If I were you, I'd just do a fresh install.  This is, of course, after you've backed up any changes your dhcpd.conf (or equivalent on that version of K12LTSP).  If by "CentOS EL" you mean "K12LTSP EL", then the answer is yes.  K12LTSP "EL" releases are essentially the same as any other K12LTSP release, the difference being that the base is CentOS, not Fedora.  Here's an explanation of the differences.


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bear2bar wrote:


I've been out of the loop for some time & this question may seem "dumb" but on the k12ltsp site it mentions that FC6 versions & up are discontinued and that new version of k12ltsp are available with Centos EL5. Does that mean that Centos EL5 incorporates all the k12ltsp functions???
Then the next questions are:
   -is it possible to upgrade from a FC1 installation to Centos without a wipe & re-install?
   -can existing IPcop setup be used as-is or will new config and port forwarding be needed?
   -will default client setup need to be rebuilt?

thank you for your help


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