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[K12OSN] VolGroup00 not found on boot


I am working in a proyect for a linux terminal server for schools in my region (north or Spain)

I have just installed K12ltsp 5 (Centos 5), 64 bit version, in a Fujitsu-Siemens Primergy TX150 S6 server, with a LSI sata raid controller.

I have had to get the driver for the sata raid controller from Fujitsu, to be able to install the system; installation did not worked without it. I have provided it as a driver floppy in the installation process, started as "linux dd". K12LTSP 5EL seems not to include driver for this raid controller. Previously I had installed a Centos 5.1, and it worked all perfectly

Installation has gone OK, but on reboot, the system says 'Volume group "VolGroup00" not found' and after not being able to find any more folders, it ends with a "kernel panic".

Maybe installation did not include the driver in the finally installed system?

I will greatly appreciate any help about how to solve this problem. Will it work to update the installed system with the Centos 5.1 CDs?

Thanks in advance.


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