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RE: [K12OSN] Open Office Impress Handouts

Funny, Our Yearbook class used that ;-)

And as far as video's in the slides that's a no. Just text boxes, jpegs,
and the occasional "wordart". It's odd that only the handouts won't
print though. I'll let you know if upgrading to the newest OO.o fixes
Could it be related to the way they insert the images? I found out today
that they like to "drag" or "copy & paste" the images in, as apposed to
going to insert image. All the images are in a shared folder provided by
the librarian.


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> > By the way, if you ever figure out how to print a video, 
> you'll be a rich man!
> http://photojojo.com/content/buy-this/flipclips-turn-videos-in
> to-flipbooks/
> Make your check payable to... ;-)
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