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Re: [K12OSN] livecd?

Knoppix provides a network boot server, and while this is good in a pinch (and cool to play with), it won't tell you whether it will work with K12LTSP or not because they don't provide the same set of X servers, NIC drivers, etc. Best thing to do would be to get a laptop. Doesn't have to be fancy: I once scavenged a bunch of laptops from the trash heap, managing to take only the non-broken ones by finding one in good shape, installing K12LTSP on it, and using it to boot/test all the others. I think they were all mostly 700mhz models, since I just wanted to see if they would boot & run.


Peter Hartmann wrote:
Is there a k12ltsp live cd?   Not the just the edu-apps but the ltsp
bits.  The reason I'm asking is because I want to see if I can boot
some white emacs and I'd much rather just show up with a cd than lug
an emac to a  different school.   What's the experience like on these
computers...is the video snappy?


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