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Re: [K12OSN] OT - Cell phones

RE: bullying and forbidding cell phones:

In a school where cell phone use is forbidden during the school day, you create an additional barrier to students who are being bullied from getting support --

If a student has received an inappropriate text message during the school day, the first thing they need to do to get support is admit that they were doing something "against the rules" -- in this case, using their cell phone. And for many students (and especially for students who are very concrete/see the world in black and white terms) this is an enormous barrier. By removing a blanket ban on cell phones, you remove this barrier. Consequently, you also place cell phone use on the table as an open subject -- it's less of a technology issue, and more of a classroom management issue, just like passing notes or talking during class.

My .02



Daniel Kuecker wrote:
I apologize for not being Linux related, but I was wondering how other schools are handling cell phone use by students? Our current policy is they are not to use them in school at all, however, they can text message in their pockets without teachers knowing. We are starting to experience bullying via text messages. What are you guys/gals doing to combat this issue?


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