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RE: [K12OSN] OT - Cell phones

Thankfully, kids don't usually want to have a cell phone when hanging from
the ceiling by their ankles, so this isn't much of an issue for us.

I have seen a large number of cell policies, and while I don't have the
exact wording, the one I like best essentially says that students can have
cell phones, but they must be turned off during school (powered on phones
are confiscated on site, and must be picked up by the parents), but may be
used once outside the building.  Students with current emergencies (parent
in the hospital, father from Iraq calling, etc) can get a "cell phone day
pass" from the school office.  The student turns the phone and pass over to
the classroom teacher (pass and phone go with the student from class to
class).  The teacher then answers the phone when it rings, and then sends
the student into the hall to take the call.


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> I apologize for not being Linux related, but I was wondering how
> other schools are handling cell phone use by students? Our
> current policy is they are not to use them in school at all,
> however, they can text message in their pockets without teachers
> knowing. We are starting to experience bullying via text
> messages. What are you guys/gals doing to combat this issue?
> Thanks
> Daniel
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