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Re: [K12OSN] State of K12LTSP usefullness in your school

Barry R Cisna wrote:
Hello List,

I pose this question about once a year to all the K12LTSP'ers on the
list here. I'd like to know,especially the newer people on the list
here,how your admins think, when you mention,about the K12ltsp setup in
a school setting.
As the admin for a small business I run K12LTSP. When we opened the doors in 2003 we had numerous discussions regarding the security of MS Windows vs. Linux and all agreed that we trust Linux more. Although MS Windows is required for some of our software we settled on a K12LTSP installation. Ease of use, low maintenance and the ability to run on far less expensive hardware helped make the choice an easy one. We bought a fairly decent Vision server and three $199.00 Linpsire clients online.

In the beginning we ran our MS Windows dependent software under VMWare, although it had memory limitations. We eventually added a Windows 2003 server with enough CALs that we could run our software using Terminal Services. Although most software runs fine with Terminal Services it's hard to get technical support for the configuration from software vendors. Most vendors expect to have software installed locally or in a Client Server environment and the (Windows) TS configuration doesn't "compute".

Except for my OS upgrades or the occasional power outage we have no downtime. K12LTSP is solid.

I have posted all my trials and tribulations many
times before. I always wonder what the admins think when you mention the
distro is free. This seems to be the biggest downfall I have found.Seems
odd doesn't it?,,,hhmm.I was told many moons ago by an older gentleman
that is a long time Linux guru that the United States would be the last
country to "flip" to Linux ,because the US is such a commercialized
country. I can see now he is correct:)
For example what does the teachers say when you have mentioned to them
about k12ltsp for the first time,etc. Any comments to share?

Take Care,

Barry Cisna

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