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Re: [K12OSN] CentOS5 64bit & Flash 9

If anyone else is interested in 64bit flash for Linux, I suggest creating an account on Adobe's issue tracking site and voting it up:


Leaving a polite comment probably wouldn't hurt either.


ahodson elp rr com wrote:
Hi friends

Two schools I support now have CentOS 5 (64bit) and the only way I've been able to work sound via through the Thin Clients (NICE Symbio units) is by running Flash 7. Now, several of the sites the district is promoting apparently only run if Flash 9 is installed. I kind of remember some information on audio codecs not being updated, but don't know for sure.

My question is directed at those gurus and users that are perhaps facing the same dilemma: the thin clients deliver sound or web based Flash 9 streams - What needs to be done to activate both?

Thanks for the help

Alan Hodson
El Paso ISD, TX

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