[K12OSN] OT: Query - Top Five Laptops

Vince Callaway fastxr at gmail.com
Sat May 17 14:00:19 UTC 2008

I've bought several laptops in the last year.  Most of them are running
Ubunutu so I've been a bit picky about chipsets.

1st) I always buy intel processors.  AMD is great, but not the best
choice for linux.

2nd) Nvidia graphics.  Just works the best.

The one I use and like the best is my Dell.  It is a 1721 with the top
screen option.  Intel processor, Nvidia graphics and built in sprint
broadband card.  Not the cheapest.

Dell does offer the 15" laptops with Ubuuntu pre-installed.  They are
also a pretty decent price.

For my wife just bought an HP 17".  We had to hunt around but did find a
version with intel processor and nvidia chipset.  I think it was a
bargain at $950.  The screen was almost as nice as the Dell and had
everything she needed.

The newest arrival is the EEE PC.  I now have a 7" and a 9".  I have the
7" one mounted in my car.  I use it to access the database at work when
on the road.  Only complaint is the number row on the keyboard.  It is
offset a bit and I keep hitting the wrong numbers.

I just received the 9" model.  I think it is absolutely the best student
laptop out there.  The screen is clear and large enough for editing
documents and web browsing.  It is light, small and solid state.  Only
complaint is you need a spare battery and it has the same keyboard.

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