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Re: [K12OSN] OT: Query - Top Five Laptops

Vince Callaway wrote:
> I've bought several laptops in the last year.  Most of them are running
> Ubunutu so I've been a bit picky about chipsets.
I hear you.  Same here; I'm very picky about my hardware.

> 1st) I always buy intel processors.  AMD is great, but not the best
> choice for linux.

That's because of the other hardware that's included in some AMD-based
systems by corner-cutting OEM's.  Usually, it's inferior (and horribly
closed/proprietary) supporting hardware like Broadcom or Marvell; I
guarantee you it ain't the CPU.  AMD themselves have always been very
Linux-friendly.  Their processors are great.

> 2nd) Nvidia graphics.  Just works the best.

Interesting...I've found otherwise.  I run plenty of Red Hat-ish
distros, and I've tried installing nVidia's proprietary driver.  It can
be a right royal pain.  By contrast, I've found that Intel video just
works out of the box, no matter what distro I pick.  That's the benefit
of hardware whose specs are published NDA-free.


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