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Re: [K12OSN] ltsp, subnets, dhcpd.conf

Will Hatch wrote:

I'll do my best to explain my issue. I've successfully installed k12ltsp in the past. That was when I was at a small school, with my cable modem sitting beside my desk. I didn't have to worry about subnets, or changing the dhcpd.conf file. Here is my current situation:

This is a three-building school district. The internet is piped into the high school, where we have a Sonicwall firewall set up. The high school used subnets 0,1, and 2. My building uses 3. The central office uses 4 and 5.

I can't find any documentation that says what I have to do exactly, in a case like mine. All the computers in my building use a subnet of .3. I have Edubuntu with ltsp installed, I have a universal boot floppy written for clients. But I know I have to do something to configuration files to get clients to boot.

If you use a dual NIC setup on your K12LTSP server it shouldn't matter that there are different subnets. Just make sure you attach the switch for your thin clients to the NIC that does the DHCP for LTSP and that you connect the other NIC to the school network for internet access. If you do it the other way around things won't work and you'll be running a second DHCP on the subnet, which other machines (and people) are not going to like.

Nils Breunese.

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