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Guy-Michel Lessard GLessard at cegepoutaouais.qc.ca
Wed May 21 20:34:43 UTC 2008

Try system-config-printers, launch it from xterm.

>>> "Marc Fromm" <Marc.Fromm at wwu.edu> 2008-05-21 15:39:41 >>>

Is there a detailed document on how to setup printers.
The link below from the k12ltsp web site does not work:

Even if I log onto the server the printer configuration tool lists the
printers in "browsed queues" but the edit command is deactivated.

We have an HP 3200 printer directly attached to one client that is
printing in poor quality from the web, even though the CUPS test print
looks great. Could the poor printing from the web be driver related?

I would like to know how to add a new printer, both local and networked,
and how to update drivers.


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