[K12OSN] M2NPV motherboard and PXE

JOSEPH O'BRIEN jobrien at meridian.wednet.edu
Wed May 21 20:48:21 UTC 2008

Any advice?  I'm having trouble getting a Asus M2NPV motherboard to connect
to a K12LTSP server (CentOS 5).  PXE gets an IP fine, but when it tries to
run DHCP the second time it fails with an undetected network card.  I've
booted to a live cd and it is using the forcedeth driver fine so I added
NIC=forcedeth to /tftpboot/lts/pxe/pxelinux.cfg/config.  Doing that I get an
"ERROR! dhcpd failed!" after it loads the forcedeth module.  Suggestions?

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