[K12OSN] CentOS + USB devices

Marc Fromm Marc.Fromm at wwu.edu
Thu May 22 17:39:45 UTC 2008

Are the usb ports disabled on the client machines in k12ltsp CentOS?
I have plugged in a usb thumb drive and a printer into a client and
neither are detected. I plugged the same usb thumb drive into the server
box and it was detected.

I added the printer using the CUPS web interface localhots:631.
I used Device URI: socket://finaid70:9100

In /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/lts.conf I added the entry:
     PRINTER_0_DEVICE        =/dev/usb/lp0
     PRINTER_0_TYPE          = U
     HOT_PLUG                =Y
     LOCAL_DEVICE_01         =/dev/fd0
     LOCAL_DEVICE_02         =/dev/sda1:usb


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