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Re: [K12OSN] Redirecting sound using esd (fun stuff)

Robert Arkiletian wrote:
Just thought I would share a cool learning experience with the list.

Today one of my students played a youtube video (with sound) on his
client computer which did NOT have speakers. He did it by redirecting
the sound esd stream to another client computer which did have
speakers. Here's how he did it.

$esdmon -s source_hostname  | esdcat > esdrec -s dest_hostname

Of course, it works for more than just youtube. You can also redirect
things like ogg123 -d esd song.ogg

You can even eavesdrop on other students by redirecting (copying in
this case) their sound stream to yourself. Pretty sneaky.

BTW I'm still using k12ltsp 4EL (ltsp 4.1) Does this hack work on ltsp 4.2 or 5?

It can be made to work in 4.2, but you may also be aware that this "feature" is ripe for abuse; students randomly redirecting sound all through the lab, disrupting legitimate activities etc. A very noisy DOS attack.

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