[K12OSN] Virtualized Windows on K12LTSP

Nils Breunese nils at breun.nl
Sun May 25 12:53:46 UTC 2008

Barry R Cisna wrote:

> Not to be trying "reverse engineering",but I would bet you can get  
> that
> Windows app to run via Wine IF you setup the installer for it  
> correctly.

I believe the installer no longer works. Someone at some point created  
a zipfile with the files needed and a file with Windows registry stuff  
you need to import in order to get it all working. I haven't tried  
myself to get this app to work under Wine, but I believe even under  
Windows it's not pretty. I think I may end up virtualizing an existing  
Windows XP install with this app, but we may give Wine another go.

Still, I'd like to hear from people who have setup a virtualized  
installation of Windows on a K12LTSP server and hear what  
virtualization method they used and why, etc.

Nils Breunese.

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