[K12OSN] FOSSED 2008 at Governor's Academy! (near Boston)

David Trask dtrask at vcsvikings.org
Tue May 27 15:18:47 UTC 2008

FOSSED 2008 at Governor's Academy!

Hi everyone!  We're just one month away from the Gould Academy edition of
FOSSED and getting things ready, but we're also looking ahead to the
second FOSSED conference to be held in August!  The session list will be
posted in late June, but if you're curious...take a look at the session
list for Gould Academy as many of the sessions will be very similar or 
the same. [ http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dfvj9xq4_142mwp2nctf ]CLICK HERE
to view the session list.

Busy spring?  School not out in time for the Gould Academy FOSSED?  Now
you can learn all the cool stuff you missed by coming to FOSSED 2008 at
Governor's Academy in Byfield, MA.  Maybe you attended FOSSED at Gould and
couldn't attend all the great sessions you wanted to..take in the other
sessions at the second FOSSED! 

Tough budget times call for creative changes...

Let's face it, we're all in the same boat.  Gas and oil prices are
soaring...families and schools alike are getting hit hard.  Technology
purchases are being scrutinized more closely than ever before.  One thing
that's getting a long look is software licensing and services.  Nothing
can eat up a technology budget faster than an expensive "locked-in"
software licensing scheme.  Another thing schools are looking at is
prolonging the life of their current hardware.  This can be tough with the
ever increasing demands of newer operatiing systems and software.  Many
schools in the Northeast and nationwide (worldwide...in fact!) have made
significant changes using free & open source software that have saved them
many thousands of dollars and are helping them weather these tough times
with little or no changes in the services provided to students and
teachers.  This is pretty powerful!  Learn how to leverage your existing
technology and make it work better for you.  Give older computers a new
lease on life.  Give your teachers and students powerful software that
costs them nothing and allows them to level the playing field both at home
and at school!  Teachers, learn how to use open source software programs
and Web 2.0 technologies to enhance your lessons and student learning! 
When you leave FOSSED after 3 days of hands-on learning and networking
with colleagues, you'll be bursting with new ideas!

Once again, participants at the Governor's Academy FOSSED will get to see
open source development up close and personal.  We'll be joined again by
those fantastic high school kids from Arlington Virginia!  They'll be
working on the School Tool and "Can-Do" projects...and YOU get to get
involved by providing input and ideas!

Affordable!  Yep...July 1st marks the beginning of a new fiscal year...and
more than ever those dollars are going to be watched closely.  FOSSED is a
fantastic value!  You'll get 3 days and nights of hands-on learning,
exciting conversation with colleagues, and more!  One low price for the
entire conference.  Everything is included!  Meals, lodging, and learning! 

$495 for on-campus (meals, room, and conference)
$445 for commuters (lunches and conference)

Wanna' know more?  Download our flyer and read all about FOSSED!  We've
been hosting the premier technology in education experience in the
Northeast for 6 years! 

[ http://publishing.yudu.com/Freedom/A8sg0/FOSSED2008Flyer/

PDF version is here:

[ http://fossed2008.googlepages.com/fossed-flyer-08.pdf

For more information and to register....visit our site at  

FOSSED featured in national magazine!  [

[ http://fossed.blogspot.com ]REGISTER TODAY!  Join us at FOSSED 2008 at
Governor's Academy!  Feel free to contact us with any questions or

[ http://fossed.blogspot.com ]http://fossed.blogspot.com  (Registration
and Info)

David N. Trask
Technology Teacher/Director
Vassalboro Community School
dtrask at vcsvikings.org

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